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  • Cake Celebrations - Menu of Cake Flavours

    CAKE FLAVOURS We use only the finest and freshest ingredients for all of our cakes and believe every bite should taste as good as it looks! Whether you choose a light moist sponge cake layered with fruit preserve and delicious Swiss meringue buttercream or a rich dark chocolate cake layered with beautifully smooth chocolate ganache, we will ensure your cake is truly mouth-watering and a piece of art. Tasty Signature Vanilla Signature fluffy vanilla sponge, layered with silky Swiss meringue buttercream and a choice of strawberry or raspberry conserve Moist Chocolate Decadence Indulgent and rich chocolate sponge triple layered with lightly whipped Belgian chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream Canadian Maple and Praline Delicious fluffy vanilla sponge laced with maple syrup swirls, V anilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling sprinkled with chopped praline pecan Chocolate Malteser Crunch Light chocolate sponge with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling with a sprinkling of malteser crush Raspberry Ripple and White Chocolate Signature fluffy vanilla sponge, with fresh raspberry ripple and white chocolate pieces, layered with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and raspberry conserve Delicious Zingy Lemon Lemon sponge, drizzled with zingy homemade lemon syrup, layered with luscious vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and lemon curd. (very popular!) Coconut and Lime Fluffy coconut sponge, drizzled with zingy homemade lime syrup, layered with homemade lime curd and a smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. After Dinner Chocolate Mint Moist chocolate sponge with fluffy vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream with a dark chocolate mint crush filling Delightful Salted Caramel A light caramel sponge filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and salted caramel drizzle White Chocolate Passion Delicate white chocolate sponge complimented with a whipped white chocolate ganache and passion fruit filling Decadent Coffee and Walnut Decadent coffee sponge laced with chopped , drizzled with homemade espresso syrup and layered with smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream walnuts Cherry Bakewell Light almond sponge with a filling of vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream laced with luscious Morello cherries Lightly Spiced Carrot Cake Moist carrot cake with delicate spices and plump sultanas complimented with a vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling Luxurious Fruity Fruit Cake Aromatic fruit cake packed with succulent brandy soaked dried fruits, cranberries, apricots, citrus zest, chopped almonds and covered with delicious marzipan and vanilla fondant icing Like the look of our cakes so far? Order Cake Taster Box BACK TO TOP

  • Cake Celebrations | Terms & Conditions

    TERMS & CONDITIONS Before confirming your order with Cake Celebrations please read the below Terms and Conditions. This document tells you the terms and conditions in which we sell and supply goods to you. Payment of your Booking Fee confirms your agreement with our Terms and Conditions . Consultations We agree to a preliminary consultation by telephone and/or by email before the Event to confirm the design, specification of the cake. Following the consultation we will provide a quote. Depending on the complexity of the design a face to face consultation may be required. All appointments for consultations will be confirmed by email by Cake Celebrations. There is a charge for consultations. Booking To secure your booking with Cake Celebrations, we require a non-refundable Booking Fee of £100.00 for wedding orders, and 50% of the cost of the cake for celebrations cakes. Your date is not secured and your order is not confirmed until we have received the signed Booking Form and Booking Fee. The Booking Fee is deducted from the final balance for the cake. All quotations will be sent via e-mail and are valid for 7 days from date of issue. We reserve the right to revise prices after this period. Cake Design Cake Celebrations will use its best endeavours to produce a cake which matches the design agreed with you. It is agreed that we have the right to use artistic licence to alter the design of the cake, where needed, should the design not “flow” when decorating the cake. Where a colour fabric swatch or ribbon sample has been provided to Cake Celebrations by you for colour matching purposes, we will do our utmost to match the colour as best as possible but accept no liability if it is not an exact match. Remaining Balance For wedding cake orders, the balance of your invoice must be paid in full no later than 4 weeks before the date of delivery. For celebration cake orders and all other orders, the balance of your invoice must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks before the date of Event. Cancellations and Alterations All cancellations must be made in writing via email. If for any reason you have to cancel your booking, the Booking Fee is non-refundable / non transferable. For cancellations of wedding orders, with less than 4 weeks’ notice, the full payment (including the Booking Fee) is non-refundable / non-transferable. For cancellations of celebrations cake orders and all other orders, with less than 2 weeks’ notice, the full payment (including Booking Fee) is non-refundable / non- transferable. If you wish to make alterations to the cake as detailed on the invoice accompanying the Terms and Conditions, you must contact us as soon as possible. We will assess your request for an alteration and will notify you to confirm its effect (if any) on the price quotation and the agree timetable ahead of the Event. Accepting a request for the alternation of a cake order is at our discretion, as we offer a bespoke service and are limited to how many orders for cake we accept. In the event that you cancel your order with us and it is unlikely that the Event will be refilled, the following cancellation charges will apply: Wedding cakes 1 month or less – 100% of invoice cost 1 month or more – loss of Booking Fee Celebration cakes 2 weeks or less – 100% of invoice cost 2 weeks or more – loss of Booking Fee In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your cake order, we will contact you to try to agree a suitable alternative at the same price. If you do not accept our alternative, we will refund to you the monies that you have paid to us. Delivery/Set Up We are happy to deliver your cakes at an extra charge. This will be included in your initial quote. Delivery within a 10 mile radius of Bower Hinton is included on orders over £200.00. Additional mileage will be included on the invoice. Long distance deliveries may also incur a fee for time. Once the order has been delivered and set up or collected you are responsible for it and we will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage arising. We will take photographs of the cake from all angles upon delivery to the venue and after set up. If the cake is moved after set up Cake Celebrations will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage arising. We require a delivery and set up note to be signed by the person in charge at the venue to confirm that the cake has been delivered to the venue and set up in perfect condition. You agree for a member of the venue staff to sign for the cake on delivery should you not be available to sign for the cake in person. Cake Celebrations is not liable for any loss or damage to the cake once it has been delivered to the venue, set up and the delivery and set up note has been signed. For the avoidance of doubt, consumption of the cake is evidence that the cake is fit for the purpose supplied. If you request that we leave your cakes somewhere or with someone, this is your responsibility. We will not be liable if they do not arrive with you safely after we have handed them over. Postponements If you wish to postpone your wedding/celebration booking date for any reason, you must request this by email, and we will check our availability. A £15.00 postponement admin fee would apply. All Booking Fee payments would then be transferred to the new date and any items listed in the invoice, provided they are available. In the event that Cake Celebrations are not available for the postponed Wedding/Event date, our cancellation policy (above) remains. Postponements are available up until 4 weeks before the scheduled Event date (for wedding and celebrations cakes), after this, dates are non-transferable and final balances for the original dates are payable. For wedding cakes, we strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover your date. Final Design We will create your order exactly as written throughout correspondence and on the confirmation email which is sent 4 weeks before the delivery date. Please double check that it is detailed as you require. By paying your final invoice, you are confirming that what is detailed on the final confirmation is exactly what you want us to provide. Allergies We cannot guarantee that any of our products do not contain any substance that may cause some form of allergic reaction. You are responsible for advising your guests of this and we will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury from exposure to anything which might cause an allergic reaction. This may include, but without limitation, nuts, nut products, alcohol, dairy, wheat, sulphates or colouring. You should also note that some decorations are not edible (fresh flowers, wires, ribbons, pins, jewels, boards, etc.). You are responsible for advising your guests of this and we will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury arising from any such exposure. A dietary list of ingredients can be provided to you if required. This must be requested a minimum of 4 weeks before your Event. If a venue require a list of ingredients this is to be requested via you and not the venue. Our products contain gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and may contain traces of nuts unless otherwise stated. We are willing to accommodate for certain allergies however, please consider this is a working kitchen full of a wide range of ingredients. We will use the correct ingredients for your allergy but we cannot guarantee it will be free from that particular requirement due to the kitchen it is baked in. We accept no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our cakes. The following ingredients are used in my standard cakes and cupcakes: Self-Raising Flour Butter Caster Sugar Eggs Milk Flavourings (if requested) Icing Sugar Cream Whitening White Chocolate (for fondant cakes) Fondant Covering May contain traces of nuts Hire Items All hire items belong to Cake Celebrations and must not be defaced, tampered with or changed. All breakages, loss or damages must be paid to replace like for like within 7 days of Event. All hire items are your responsibility until they are returned back to Cake Celebrations. Damaged, broken or lost Items will remain the property of the Company and a replacement charge will be invoiced to the Customer for any products that are damaged, broken or lost. These items will be invoiced to the Customer to replace like for like including P&P. Unless stated otherwise all hire items must be returned within 3 days of hire. Publicity Cake Celebrations is entitled to use any image or photograph of the cake (taken by Cake Celebrations) for use in its publicity and promotional material, including publication in wedding magazines at a later date. Reviews You acknowledge that any review, feedback or rating which you leave may be published by us on the Website and you agree that it may be displayed for as long as we consider appropriate and that the content may be syndicated to our other websites, publications or marketing materials. You undertake that any review, feedback or rating that you write shall: comply with applicable law in the UK and the law in any country from which they are posted be factually accurate contain genuinely held opinions (where applicable) not contain any material which is either; defamatory, threatening, obscene, abusive, offensive, hateful, inflammatory or is likely to harass, upset, annoy, alarm, embarrass or invade the privacy of, any person or be deceiving not promote or advocate an unlawful act or activity, discrimination, sexually explicit material or violence not infringe any trademark, copyright (including design rights), database right, or other intellectual property rights of any other person or breach of any legal duty you owe to a third party, and not be used to impersonate any person, or to misrepresent your identity You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claim or action brought by third parties, arising out of or in connection with any review, feedback or rating posted by you on the Website, including, without limitation, the violation of their privacy, defamatory statements or infringement of intellectual property rights. You grant us and our affiliate companies a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to use or edit any reviews posted by you. We reserve the right to publish, edit or remove any reviews without notifying you. Force Majeure We shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery or performance of our obligations to you resulting from any act, events, omissions, failures or accidents that are outside of our control ('Force Majeure'), which, without limitation, include: strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action shortages of labour, fuel, power, raw materials late, defective performance or non-performance by suppliers private or public telecommunication, computer network failures or breakdown of equipment civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war; fire, explosion, snow, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, pandemic, epidemic or other natural disaster or extreme weather conditions impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government, and other causes, beyond our reasonable control Our performance will be deemed to be suspended for the period that the event of Force Majeure continues, and we will have an extension of time for performance for the duration of that period. We will use our reasonable endeavours to minimise any delay caused by Force Majeure or to find a solution by which our obligations may be performed despite the Force Majeure event. We shall promptly notify you of any Force Majeure event giving details of it and (where possible) the extent and likely duration of any delay. Where the period of non-performance or delay in relation to any event of Force Majeure exceeds 30 days from the date of notice to you of the event of Force Majeure, either you or us may, by written notice to the other, terminate the Contract with immediate effect upon service. Cake Celebrations reserve the right to review and update the periodically. Terms and Conditions ​In the event you are not happy with your cake, please email us at Cake Celebrations on and we can discuss the issue further. info@cakecelebrations.co.uk If you are dissatisfied with any decision or policy that we have made, please contact us at Cake Celebrations so we can explain how that decision or policy was reached.

  • Cake Celebrations | Investment

    INVESTMENT All Cake Celebrations cakes by Jan are designed to individual ideas and therefore prices vary with each new design. ​ Your wedding cake should be the best cake that you have ever tasted. Afterall, it represents the start of your married life together and is designed to be a centrepiece, not to play second fiddle. A good cake looks phenomenal and has the most amazing flavour, but above all, it is completely bespoke - created especially for you. ​ Your cake is not a run of the mill cake that you order online, it is designed down to the very last detail. ​ This might mean creating a flavour that has meaning to you both or replicating the intricate design of the lace applique on your dress (secretly of course) or invitation with our sugar craft detailing. ​ Your cake design takes many hours of planning and fine detailing to ensure that your cake isn't something you simply photograph and forget. A good wedding cake is a talking point, a centrepiece, a work of art and a labour of love. ​ Your wedding cake is an investment in your special day to be remembered for the rest of your lives and it is absolutely the icing on the perfect day! ​ So, how much will your cake cost? It depends on many factors really - number of tiers, fondant iced or buttercream, simple or statement. The best thing to do is get in touch with us for a list of styles and prices but below are some basic examples to give you an idea ... Fondant Iced Wedding Cakes Our classic iced wedding cakes include four layers of sponge filled with delicious Swiss meringue buttercream and fruit-filled conserves, coated with a thin undercoat of rich Belgian chocolate ganache and finished with a thin layer of vanilla fondant. ​ The design is uniquely created with each couple in mind. ​ Prices for a small three tier cake design to serve 60 people. start from £325.00 Buttercream Wedding Cakes Buttercream cakes are just as beautiful. Four layers of sponge filled and finished with homemade Swiss meringue buttercream and the tastiest conserves. Handmade sugar flowers, fresh fruit or fresh or silk flowers complete the design making it almost too good to eat. ​ Our advice regarding buttercream cakes is that they are not suited for weddings between the months of May and September due to the effects the warm weather can pose on these cakes.​ ​ Prices for a small three tier cake design to serve 60 people. start from £275.00 Celebration Cakes We specialise in making cakes for every type of celebration. Taking some of our most popular flavours and turning them into the ultimate chocolate 'drip' cakes or elegant Anniversary cakes to share with family and friends. Each design is personal and individual, distinctive and delicious. ​ Our celebration cakes can be collected from Cake Celebrations in Bower Hinton, Somerset by appointment only. ​ Prices for a 6" round single tier cake design with four start from £60.00 layers of sponge filled and finished with homemade Swiss meringue buttercream and the tastiest fruit conserves with thin Belgian chocolate ganache undercoat layer and a thin layer of vanilla fondant icing. Cupcakes Cakes We offer personalised cupcakes for all occasions. Please just get in touch for a quote and we can start the design process. ​ Prices for a large cupcake with a buttercream swirl. start from £2.50 Delivery ​ Please include a wedding venue/delivery address when enquiring about our cakes and we would be happy to quote for delivery. ​ Payment ​ A is require to secure your wedding cake order. £100.00 non-refundable / non-transferable Booking Fee The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to your wedding. ​ A is required to secure your celebration cake order. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your celebration or event. 50% of the cost of the cake non-refundable / non transferable Booking Fee Payments can be made by bank transfer. Following initial discussions an invoice will be emailed to you, which will include all relevant payment details. Please see our for more information. Terms & Conditions PLACE AN ORDER BACK TO TOP

  • Cake Celebrations | The Process

    THE PROCESS Congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time with lots of decisions and plans to make and whilst your cake selection is just one of those many decisions, we passionately feel that this process should be effortless and you will feel confident that we will deliver an exquisite cake for your special day. 01 Initial Enquiry Once you have chosen your wedding date please contact us to check for availability. We offer a personal and exclusive service to each of our customers, which means we only take on a limited number of weddings each month. So we recommend booking your wedding cake at least 9-12 months prior to your wedding date, although, we do have some late availability on some dates, so it's worth asking. ​ Your will receive a Introductory Pack following your initial enquiry for you to read at your leisure. CONTACT US 02 Making a Booking After our initial contact we can provide you with a price guide based on your guest numbers, cake size and cake decoration via email. If you wish to proceed and love our cake style, designs and flavour choices, We will invite you for one of our consultation days* for a fee of £30.00 (deducted from your balance if you book with me). ​ * due to C-19 Pandemic, until further notice we are no longer conducting face to face consultation days ​ If you are keen to secure your date prior to the consultation you can secure your booking with a £100.00 non-refundable / non-transferable booking fee, which ensures your date is booked in the diary. The reason behind this is that, we limit the number of bookings we take and turn away other business after your booking fee has been received. The only exception to this would be if we were able to secure new business for your intended event date, in which case you would receive a partial or full refund. ​ The design of your wedding cake can be finalised at a later date. 03 Tasting & Design Consultation You want to feel completely confident with the cake you are receiving, so a consultation is recommended. In normal pre-COVID days, these would normally take place on set dates throughout the year at our home in Bower Hinton, Somerset. You will see where the cakes are created, view some display cakes before we have an informal chat about your design, colours, flavours and delivery. You will have the chance to sample a selection of cake flavours from my menu to try at the consultation or take away to enjoy. If you are happy to proceed your date can be secured with a £100.00 non-refundable / non- transferable Booking Fee (deducted from your balance if you book with us) . ​ However, saying all that and given the restrictions we are currently all facing, as an alternative, we are happy to carry out virtual consultations by phone / zoom / facetime instead for a fee of £30.00 (deducted from your balance if you book with us). ​ Prior to the call we will send a Cake Taster Box out to you for you to enjoy, and we can discuss your preferred flavour(s) on the call. 04 The Design Following the consultation, and your date is secured with payment of the Booking Fee, we will prepare and send via email a proposal detailing your cake design sketch, cake flavours, delivery details and price. ​ Your final balance will be payable 4 weeks prior to your wedding date but we will remain in touch in the lead up to your wedding for any questions or queries. ​ We will liaise directly with your wedding venue to arrange delivery and set up of your wedding cake, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day. 05 Want to try some cake? Want to try some cake but not yet ready to talk design or secure your date... Each month on a certain date we send out Cake Taster Boxes containing up to 6 flavours for £30.00 (inc. postage) which is refunded against the cost of your cake if you subsequently go on to book your cake with us (minimum spend of £250.00 on wedding cakes). If you are interested, please get in touch. Cake Taster Box BACK TO TOP

  • Cake Celebrations | Luxury Wedding and Celebration Cakes | Somerset | England

    STYLISH, ELEGANT AND MODERN WEDDING CAKES AND CREATIVE CELEBRATION CAKES | WEDDING CAKES CELEBRATION CAKES GREAT NEWS... YOU'RE ENGAGED! ​ Congratulations and welcome to what is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life. Here at Cake Celebrations - Jan Finn Cake Designs, we create stylish, elegant and modern wedding cakes that we are sure you will love as much as we do. We are confident that you will enjoy browsing through our distinctive cake designs, delicate colour palettes, breathtaking sugar flowers, skillful royal icing details, as well as having the chance to taste some of our deliciously irresistible cake flavours. If you are ready to start cake your journey, and indulge yourself into the most BOOK NOW exciting part of your wedding planning with a Cake Celebrations experience. THE PROCESS HOW EXCITING... LET'S CELEBRATE! ​ Throughout your life there will be many things to celebrate like; your Engagement, an Anniversary of your wedding day, any other special day or event you would like to celebrate, a Birthday, a momentous occasion, a thank you to someone special, a token of love or just because... so why not celebrate with a beautifully decorated delicious extra special cake that will be part of your memories forever. If you are interested in discussing your requirements for a celebration cake, and we will help you make your celebration extra special. ENQUIRE NOW TAKE THE NEXT STEP IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS, YOU ARE IN EXPERT HANDS... PLACE AN ORDER BACK TO TOP

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    CAKE TASTER BOXES WHAT'S INSIDE New for 2021 *** Now two box sizes *** Small - 4 flavours Large - 6 flavours ​ Delicious sponge cake, individually wrapped [each piece 1.5" x 1" x 5"] All packaged inside a luxurious white magnetic fastening keepsake box PLACE AN ORDER In case you wondered, our Cake Taster Boxes are open to EVERYONE not just those getting married. Whether you fancy a sweet treat to brighten your day, a Birthday gift, try some of my delicious cake flavours before you place an order, have a reminder of your wedding cake flavours or send as a surprise cake gift, all options are available. ​ We now have two Cake Taster Box sizes - small and large. Small (selection of four flavours) £20.00 Large (selection of six flavours) £30.00 ​ Each Taster Box contains generous sized portions (1.5" x 1" x 5") of delicious hand baked cakes, a handwritten note card (if it is a gift), a menu card, an ingredients card and a Cake Celebrations information card. All this for you or someone you love to enjoy in the comfort of home. ​ Each portion is individually wrapped to keep it nice and fresh with a sticker depicting what deliciousness is inside, they are then wrapped together in tissue paper and displayed in a luxurious white magnetic closing keepsake box. ​ ​ If you would like to send a Cake Taster Box as a gift to a friend or family member, which I am sure any receiver would be delighted with, as who doesn't like cake? please click on the button below to place your order or drop me us an email at . info@cakecelebrations.co.uk ​ Each box is packaged in cellophane and popped into its own mailer box, addressed and posted by First Class Royal Mail (UK delivery only), which is all included in the price. PLACE AN ORDER BACK TO TOP

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  • Cake Celebrations | Christmas Offerings

    CHRISTMAS OFFERINGS For description of each cake please see price list below the gallery. ​ Collection only from Bower Hinton, TA12 6JY between 21 & 23 December. Spaces are strictly limited, so pop me an email or send me a message to order. info@cakecelebrations.co.uk Just state which cake you would like to order (number on photo) and I will forward an invoice to you. PLACE AN ORDER 1-1 £45.00 1-2 £40.00 1-3 £40.00 2-1 £45.00 3-1 £35.00 3-2 £35.00 3-3 £35.00 3-4 £35.00 3-5 £35.00 3-6 £35.00 4 £15.00 each 4-1 £15.00 4-2 £15.00 4-3 £15.00 5 £10.00 each 5-1 £10.00 5-2 £10.00 5-3 £10.00 Show More * Click on a photo to enlarge PRICE LIST FOR CHRISTMAS OFFERINGS... 1 CHRISTMAS GNOME CAKES ​ All the rage this season, each 6” cake has 4 layers of light fluffy vanilla sponge cake filled with my delicious signature Swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry conserve, a decedent white Belgian chocolate ganache undercoat and vanilla fondant coating… ​ 1-1 Father Christmas Gnome........£45.00 1-2 Boy Gnome.................................£40.00 1-3 Girl Gnome.................................£40.00 ​ ​ 2 TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS CAKES ​ Who doesn’t love Mary Berry and her delicious home baked cakes… this recipe is hers with a slight tweak replacing candied peel for fresh orange and lemon zest, dried fruit soaked in Brandy and orange juice, apricots, cranberries, cherries, almonds, treacle and lovely aromatic Christmassy spices. The cake is coated in delicious almondy marzipan with a thin coating of vanilla fondant icing and decorated with edible silver leaf details and frosted Christmas tree and snowflake elements. ​ Each cake is a 6” round and has been matured infused with Brandy to give a moist (preservative free) cake that has been made like your Granny made it. ​ 2-1 Traditional Christmas Cake...£45.00 ​ ​ 3 CHRISTMAS CARD CAKES ​ Each cake is 4” x 5” high and has 4 layers of light fluffy vanilla sponge cake filled with my delicious signature Swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry conserve, a decadent white Belgian chocolate ganache undercoat and vanilla fondant coating… The fondant is ridged on the top and sides and the bespoke handmade card effect is made with hardened sugar paste then hand painted with edible paints. Each sugar card has a pretty frosted edge and is slightly raised off the surface of the cake. 3-1 Love is ... ...................................£35.00 3-2 Berries .......................................£35.00 3-3 Robin...........................................£35.00 3-4 Leaves .......................................£35.00 3-5 Presents ....................................£35.00 3-6 Tree ............................................£35.00 ​ ​ 4 CHRISTMAS CAKE BAUBLES ​ Same recipe as the Traditional Christmas Cake above and the cake is coated in delicious almondy marzipan with a thin coating of vanilla fondant icing and decorated with fondant shapes and royal icing detail. ​ Each cake is a 4” round ball and has been matured infused with Brandy to give a moist (preservative free) cake that will taste delightful that you will just want more and more. ​ 4-1 Star design ...............................£15.00 4-2 Gold design ..............................£15.00 4-3 Heart design ............................£15.00 ​ or, 2 Baubles for ......................£27.50 or, 3 Baubles for ......................£40.00 ​ ​ 5 MINI CHRISTMAS CAKES ​ As above and each cake is a 2.5” X 3” round and has been matured infused with Brandy to give a moist (preservative free) cake that will delight your Chrismassy taste buds. ​ 4-1 Trees design ............................£10.00 4-2 Star design ...............................£10.00 4-3 Heart design ............................£10.00 ​ or, 2 Mini cakes for ..................£17.50 or, 3 Mini cakes for ..................£25.00 ​ PLACE AN ORDER BACK TO TOP

  • Cake Celebrations | About

    A little piece about me Hi, I am Jan, owner, designer, creator and baker. ​ I am a Lancashire lass but have settled in Somerset. I am happily married with a Son in his last year at Uni. I swam competitively (many years ago!) and believe this has given me the foundations to give my all to everything I do and to keep going till the task is complete. I have made cakes all my life and especially love designing and making elegant, stylish cakes from scratch that taste delicious. I love seeing the designs come to life and making dreams come true from the vision of what my customers have inspired me to make. This desire and process is where my tagline YOUR DREAM | OUR VISION comes from. ​ I began this creative journey in 2013 running my business part-time alongside a full time job as PA to a Director within the NHS. After 10 years of working 9-5 in the public sector and fitting cakes in where I could, I took the decision to leave it all behind to concentrate full time on my creative side. I absolutely love what I do now and love turning quality ingredients into something truly beautiful, but that moment when I see the look of joy on my customer's faces when the cake is revealed is just priceless, so rewarding and the reason I do what I do. Having been trained over the years by the best in the business, as well as learning new skills and honing my techniques it has given me the confidence to offer a professional service creating unforgettable distinctive cakes. ​ - I cannot lie, times have been tough since March 2020 and I really miss making beautiful wedding cakes. This situation is not going to change for the COVID 19 foreseeable future, but... I am not down hearted, I am happy that I still get to make beautiful 'celebration', 'special occasion' and 'just because' cakes that are helping keep my business going. ​ If you like what you see and would like to begin your cake design journey with me, please do get in touch via the and we can start the journey together as I can't wait to hear from you. enquire form BACK TO TOP

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    WEDDING CAKES Modern wedding cake design services are offered for those who dream of something different. My focus is based around getting to know you, understand your style and what your inspirations are then translating that knowledge into a breathtaking design for you. ​ My work has a modern style in wedding cakes with attention to detail including subtle royal icing details, realistic sugar crafted flowers and modelling that are pieces of edible art. > < 1/1 BACK TO TOP