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I use only the finest and freshest ingredients for all of my cakes and believe every bite should taste as good as it looks! Whether you choose a light moist sponge cake layered with fruit preserve and delicious Swiss meringue buttercream or a rich dark chocolate cake layered with beautifully smooth whipped chocolate ganache, we will ensure your cake is a truly mouth-watering piece of art.

All of my cakes, biscuits and sweet treats are produced in an environment where gluten, nuts, milk and eggs are present. Therefore I cannot guarantee that a product will be 100% free hence you must let me know at the time of ordering if you are intolerant to any of these ingredients.


Signature Tasty Vanilla

Signature fluffy vanilla sponge, layered with silky Swiss meringue buttercream and a choice of strawberry or raspberry conserve

Chocolate Malteser Crunch

Chocolate Malteser Crunch

Light chocolate sponge with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling with a sprinkling of Malteser crunch

Moist Chocolate Decadence

Moist Chocolate Decadence

Indulgent and rich chocolate sponge triple layered with lightly whipped Belgian chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream

Raspberry Ripple and White Chocolate

Raspberry Ripple & White Chocolate

Signature fluffy vanilla sponge, rippled with raspberries, layered with vanilla and white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and raspberry conserve

Canadian Maple and Praline

Canadian Maple and Praline

Delicious fluffy vanilla sponge laced with maple syrup swirls, Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling sprinkled with chopped pecan praline

Zingy Lemon

Delicious Zingy Lemon

Lemon sponge, drizzled with zingy homemade lemon syrup, layered with luscious vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and lemon curd

Coconut and Lime

Coconut and Lime

Fluffy coconut sponge, drizzled with zingy homemade lime syrup, layered with homemade lime curd and a smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

White Chocolate Passion

White Chocolate Passion

Delicate white chocolate sponge complimented with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and passion fruit filling

After Dinner Chocolate Min

After Dinner Chocolate Mint

Moist chocolate sponge with fluffy vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream with a dark chocolate mint crush filling

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Decadent Coffee and Walnut

Decadent coffee sponge laced with chopped walnuts, drizzled with homemade espresso syrup and layered with smooth coffee flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream

Salted Caramel

Delightful Salted Caramel

A light caramel sponge filled

with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and salted caramel drizzle

Cherry Bakewell

Cherry Bakewell

Light almond sponge with a filling of vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream laced with luscious Morello cherry conserve

Carrot Cake

Lightly Spiced Carrot Cake

Moist carrot cake with delicate spices and plump sultanas complimented with a vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling

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Luxurious Fruity Fruit Cake

Aromatic fruit cake packed with succulent brandy soaked dried fruits, cranberries, apricots, citrus zest, chopped almonds and covered with delicious marzipan and vanilla fondant icing

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The Luxurious Fruity Fruit Cake is not always available.  Please check if available before ordering your Cake Taster Box.

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