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  • Cake Celebrations | Investment

    INVESTMENT All Cake Celebrations cakes by Jan are designed to individual ideas and therefore prices vary with each new design. ​ Your wedding cake should be the best cake that you have ever tasted. Afterall, it represents the start of your married life together and is designed to be a centrepiece, not to play second fiddle. A good cake looks phenomenal and has the most amazing flavour, but above all, it is completely bespoke - created especially for you. ​ Your cake is not a run of the mill cake that you order online, it is designed down to the very last detail. ​ This might mean creating a flavour that has meaning to you both or replicating the intricate design of the lace applique on your dress (secretly of course) or invitation with our sugar craft detailing. ​ Your cake design takes hours of planning and fine detailing to ensure that your cake isn't something you simply photograph and forget. A good wedding cake is a talking point, a centrepiece, a work of art and a labour of love. ​ Your wedding cake is an investment in your special day to be remembered for the rest of your lives and it is absolutely the icing on the perfect day! ​ So, how much will your cake cost? It depends on many factors really - number of tiers, fondant iced or buttercream, simple or statement. The best thing to do is get in touch with us for a list of styles and prices but below are some basic examples to give you an idea ... Fondant Iced Wedding Cakes Our classic iced wedding cakes include four layers of sponge filled with delicious Swiss meringue buttercream and fruit-filled conserves, coated with a thin undercoat of rich Belgian chocolate ganache and finished with a thin layer of vanilla fondant. ​ The design is uniquely created with each couple in mind. ​ Prices for a small three tier cake design to serve 60 people. start from £325.00 Buttercream Wedding Cakes Buttercream cakes are just as beautiful. Four layers of sponge filled and finished with homemade Swiss meringue buttercream and the tastiest conserves. Handmade sugar flowers, fresh fruit or fresh or silk flowers complete the design making it almost too good to eat. ​ Prices for a small three tier cake design to serve 60 people. start from £275.00 Celebration Cakes We specialise in making cakes for every type of celebration. Taking some of our most popular flavours and turning them into the ultimate chocolate 'drip' cakes or elegant Anniversary cakes to share with family and friends. ​ Our celebration cakes can be collected from Cake Celebrations in Bower Hinton, Somerset by appointment only. Each design is personal and individual, distinctive and delicious. ​ Prices for a single tier cake design with four start from £60.00 layers of sponge filled and finished with homemade Swiss meringue buttercream and the tastiest fruit conserves with thin Belgian chocolate ganache undercoat layer and a thin layer of vanilla fondant icing.. ​ , or to design your dream celebration cake. Phone email contact us Cupcakes Cakes We offer personalised cupcakes for all occasions. Please just get in touch for a quote and we can start the design process. ​ Prices for a large cupcake with a buttercream swirl. start from £2.50 Delivery ​ Please include a wedding venue/delivery address when enquiring about our cakes and we would be happy to quote for delivery. ​ ​ Payment ​ A is require to secure your wedding cake order. £100.00 non-refundable Booking Fee The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to your wedding. ​ A is required to secure your celebration cake order. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your celebration or event. 50% of the cost of the cake non-refundable Booking Fee Payments can be made by bank transfer. Following initial discussions an invoice will be emailed to you, which will include all relevant payment details. Please see our for more information. Terms & Conditions

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    FURTHER INFORMATION Ordering Process How to order We are ready to create the cake of your dreams Read More Wedding Cake Guide Guide and Prices Information to help you decide on what you would like us to create for you Read More Delivery & Set Up Peace of Mind As part of our bespoke service we offer personal delivery and set up Read More

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    PORTION GUIDE The guide below shows approximate finger portions serving (1" x 1") for our cake sizes (normally 5-6" tall) ​ Wedding Cakes ​ 1 Tier 6" - 30 portions 1 Tier 7" - 40 portions 2 Tier - 5" & 7" - 55 portions 3 Tier - 5", 7" & 9" - 95 Portions 4 Tier - 4", 6", 8" & 10" 120 Portions ​ Celebration Cakes ​ 1 Tier 6" - 30 portions 1 Tier 7" - 40 portions 2 Tier - 5" & 7" - 55 portions ​ Please note these are only guidelines and they are dependent on how each cake is cut. ​

  • Cake Celebrations: Ordering Process

    ORDERING PROCESS FOR WEDDING CAKES Whether you are planning an elegant, intimate wedding celebrating with your nearest and dearest in the glow of candlelight or a party to end all parties, you will have many choices to make, plates to spin and lots of things to arrange. I promise each of my couples an imaginative, friendly and fuss-free experience, so that finding the 'perfect wedding cake’ is one of the easiest things you can tick off your list. We would love to see you at our home cake studio in Bower Hinton, near Martock, Somerset, to discuss your ideas and inspiration, to show you some of our work and let you taste some delicious cake samples, however, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it is not possible and we are happy to make alternative arrangements that are a better fit for you during this time. As a small business means certain dates get booked up quite far in advance. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to check availability as soon as you have booked your venue - even if you are not sure of what you want yet. Our cakes are intricately detailed and hand made which takes an incredible amount of time so the number of cakes we can create in any given week is limited. For example; the dates between April and September for weddings fill up extremely quickly, sometimes in excess of 12 months in advance. A £100.00 non-refundable/non-transferable booking fee is required on all wedding orders which secures your date, this will be deducted from the final balance if you decide to place an order. DESIGN DISCUSSIONS Prior to booking, we will need to have discussed the approximate style, costs involved and to get a good feel for your wedding. These can be conducted by telephone and email. If you want us to make your wedding cake we will invite you to a design consultation around 3-4 months prior to your wedding day. You can sample our cake and discuss your ideas and design inspirations. Usually the design of a wedding cake will include elements from the wedding like; any lace detail that is on the dress type and style of flowers colour themes and features from your wedding stationery even a style of venue can dictate the sort of cake you opt for, for example a small two tiered cake may get lost in a grand hallway or a buttercream iced cake may wilt in the heat of a summer marquee. We charge a design fee of £15.00, which is deducted from the final balance of the cake if you place an order. You may cancel your design consultation appointment at any time within 14 days of payment of the £15.00 fee. You will have no obligation and we will return your design fee in full.​ You may additionally cancel your appointment up to 72 hours before the appointment and receive a refund less £5.00 administration charge. TASTING OF CAKE SAMPLES During the consultation we will offer you a selection of different flavours of our cake to try. In a wedding cake with lots of tiers you could choose to have a single flavour or a combination of different flavours. All our sponge wedding cakes are coated in a delicious Belgian chocolate ganache, which gives a crisp finish and delicious taste to your final cake.​ ​ Why not order a tasting box which will be delivered by Next Day Delivery right to your door? The tasting box will consist of four generous portions of different flavours of sponge for £25.00 (inc p&p), which is deducted from the final balance for the cake if you place an order. DESIGN OF YOUR DREAM CAKE At the design consultation your ideas and inspiration will be morphed into your own bespoke design. There is no obligation at this stage as we are happy for you to go away and think about whether you would like us to make your cake or not. AFTER THE TASTING AND CONSULTATION We will provide you with a quote by email for your design, which is based on the number of servings you need, the size of the cake and the complexity of the design. ​ A sketch of your ideas will be made available to you once the Booking Fee has been received. ​ The final balance is due in one full month before your wedding day. All payments, once made, are non-refundable. Please note that your date is not secure or pencilled in until agreed and a booking form has been signed and booking fee has been received. Please refer to our for full details.​ Terms and Conditions WHEN WILL YOUR DECORATIONS AND CAKE BE MADE? The wedding cake will be decorated and stacked where possible and final decoration details added prior to delivery. However, some cakes will need to be stacked and finished off during the set up at the venue to avoid damage during transit. ​ ​ The sponge cake(s) will be made during the week before your wedding, but any sugar decoration will commence a few weeks before the wedding day. The cake(s) will then be filled with buttercream and any conserve, then undercoated with delicious Belgian chocolate ganache before being iced with vanilla fondant icing. Fruit cake will have been made several months before your wedding day and will be covered with a marzipan undercoat and fondant icing. BACK TO TOP

  • Cake Celebrations: Wedding Cake Guide and Prices

    WEDDING CAKE GUIDE SPONGE OR FRUIT CAKE? ​ Traditionally wedding cakes would be fruit cake, however, nowadays sponge cake is the norm and some people opt for different flavoured sponges for each tier or the same flavour for all tiers, the choice is yourse. ​ TOP TIER - TO SAVE OR NOT TO SAVE ​ Traditionally this was generally a fruit cake and couples saved it to eat at the christening of their first child. Nowadays the top tier can be saved for the bride and groom to enjoy by themselves, as the wedding day can be very busy meeting, greeting and celebrating to get chance to eat a piece of their own wedding cake. ​ WEDDING CAKE KEEPSAKE ​ Sugar flowers or models can be removed from your cake before cutting and will keep forever if stored away from moisture and sunlight. They can be displayed under clear glass or perspex box/frame. ​ FALSE/DUMMY TIERS ​ To give height and grandeur to a design false/dummy tiers can be used. They look like real cake and can reduce the weight of cake if real cake is not required. False/dummy tiers does not impact on the price very much as the cost of a professionally made cake is dependent on the time taken to prepare, cover and decorate the dummy and the cost of ingredients is minimal in the overall price of the cake. ​ DON'T PUT CAKE IN THE CORNER ​ I f you are paying for a designer cake you need to think about the location at the venue, you don't want it placed in a gloomy corner next to the cleaners cupboard. Discuss your requirements with the your wedding coordinator as they will generally have a designated place for the cake table. You can always request it is moved if you feel it would be suited better somewhere else in the room. Also check if they have a cake stand and if they do, ask if you can see it to check that it will fit with your cake display/design. We can also advise if you are not sure. We have a small selection of cake stands available to hire that may be suitable for your cake . ​ WEDDING VENUE LIAISON ​ We prefer to deliver and set up the cake for you and will liaise directly with your wedding coordinator to ensure it is set up in good time on the day. We will take our own photographs and ask a responsible member of the wedding team, if the coordinator is not available, to check the set up and sign a delivery form confirming everYthing is as it should be. We will also leave a cake information booklet, which will give details of the cake, allergens, cutting guide and inedible elements for consideration. The venue or caterer should have a cutting knife (make sure it's a nice one). We also have a knife to hire if required. ​ CUPCAKES ​ Cupcakes are of a generous muffin size, simple swirl topped cupcakes start at £2.75 each, fondant iced designs start at £4.50 each. ​ Decorations are priced according to design and intricacy, it is often underestimated how long a cake can take to produce, and especially bespoke design, so please take this into consideration when ordering. ​ All cakes will be clearly quoted for. ​ You can choose from intricate sugar flowers and mouldings, piped details, ribbons and rice paper flowers to create a wow factor cake. Should you want to include fresh flowers or a topper that you have purchased then that is not a problem and can be discussed at the time of your consultation. ​ * Prices are subject to change without notice BACK TO TOP