Traditionally wedding cakes would be fruit cake, however, nowadays sponge cake is the norm and some people opt for different flavoured sponges for each tier or the same flavour for all tiers, the choice is yourse.


Traditionally this was generally a fruit cake and couples saved it to eat at the christening of their first child.  Nowadays the top tier can be saved for the bride and groom to enjoy by themselves, as the wedding day can be very busy meeting, greeting and celebrating to get chance to eat a piece of their own wedding cake.


Sugar flowers or models can be removed from your cake before cutting and will keep forever if stored away from moisture and sunlight.  They can be displayed under clear glass or perspex box/frame.


To give height and grandeur to a design false/dummy tiers can be used.  They look like real cake and can reduce the weight of cake if real cake is not required.  False/dummy tiers does not impact on the price very much as the cost of a professionally made cake is dependent on the time taken to prepare, cover and decorate the dummy and the cost of ingredients is minimal in the overall price of the cake.


If you are paying for a designer cake you need to think about the location at the venue, you don't want it placed in a gloomy corner next to the cleaners cupboard.  Discuss your requirements with the your wedding co-ordinator as they will generally have a designated place for the cake table.  You can always request it is moved if you feel it would be suited better somewhere else in the room.  Also check if they have a cake stand and if they do, ask if you can see it to check that it will fit with your cake display/design. We can also advise if you are not sure. We have a small selection of cake stands available to hire that may be suitable for your cake.


We prefer to deliver and set up the cake for you and will liaise directly with your wedding co-ordinator to ensure it is set up in good time on the day.  We will take our own photographs and ask a responsible member of the wedding team, if the co-ordinator is not available, to check the set up and sign a delivery form confirming everthing is as it should be.  We will also leave a cake information booklet, which will give details of the cake, allergens, cutting guide and inedible elements for consideration.  The venue or caterer should have a cutting knife (make sure it's a nice one). We also have a knife to hire if required.


Typical prices for 3 and 4 tier cakes are given below.  The price for a bespoke wedding cake will depend on the intricacy and complexity of the design and the time required to make the sugarcraft elements.  


​We do not generally make 'naked' or 'semi-naked' cakes.  All our wedding cakes are covered in a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache (or marzipan for fruit cakes) and fully iced with vanilla fondant.

The portion guide is based on single round cake tiers of 5 inches deep and finger portions (i.e. typical wedding servings) of 1"x1"x5".

  • small 3 tier (4",6",8" - approx 75 portions) from £275

  • large 3 tier (6",8",10" - approx 120 portions) from £450

  • small 4 tier (4",6",8",10" - approx 130 portions) from £485

  • large 4 tier (6",8",10",12" - approx 180 portions) from £675


Cutting cakes (covered in a layer of delicious Belgian chocolate ganache and sugarpaste but not decorated) to provide additional servings are available with the purchase of your wedding cake. Prices and portions are shown below:

  • 6" square (36 portions) £72

  • 8" square  (64 portions) £128

  • 10" square (100 portions) £200

  • 12" square (144 portions) £288 

Delivery & set-up is in addition to the price of the cake depending on location of venue..  


Cupcakes are of a generous muffin size, simple swirl topped cupcakes start at £2.75 each, fondant iced designs start at £4.50 each.

Decorations are priced according to design and intricacy, it is often underestimated how long a cake can take to produce, and especially bespoke design, so please take this into consideration when ordering.

All cakes will be clearly quoted for.

You can choose from intricate sugar flowers and mouldings, piped details, ribbons and rice paper flowers to create a wow factor cake.  Should you want to include fresh flowers or a topper that you have purchased then that is not a problem and can be discussed at the time of your consultation.

* Prices are subject to change without notice