A   L I T T L E   P I E C E   O F   M E !

Hi, I am Jan, owner, creator, designer and baker.


I have made cakes all my life and especially love designing and making elegant, stylish cakes from scratch that taste delicious.  I love seeing the cakes come to life and making dreams come true from my vision of what my customers have inspired me to make.  This desire and process is where the tag line YOUR DREAM | OUR VISION comes from.

I began this creative journey in 2013 running my business part time alongside a full time job in the NHS.  After 10 years of the 9-5 corporate life and fitting cakes in where I could, I left all that behind to concentrate full time on my creative side. I absolutely love what I do now and love turning quality ingredients into something truly beautiful, but that moment when I see the look of joy on people's faces when the cake is revealed is just priceless and so rewarding.

I am extremely versatile and will give anything a try.  Like Dick and Angel Strawbridge say, I believe in 'just giving it a go' and having been trained over the years by the best in the business, as well as constantly learning new skills, I just love pushing the boundries to make spectacular cakes for my customers.


If you would like to start your cake design journey with me please do get in touch via the enquire form or the buttons below and we can start the journey together.